All American from botak Jones!


Read about this in Pioneer Magazines…gotta check this out over the weekend.

Have a look at the menu  ( :


LifeStyle of the HNI


Recently, I notice that Singapore is really cranking up activities and entertainment to cater to the Rich & the Famous. First it was the announcement of building 2 Casinos a few years back, followed by Resort Living in Sentosa Cove and just a few weeks back the announcement of F1 Night Rally in Singapore by 2008 and just 2 days ago, the “never heard of” or the very little following SIA International Cup is given almost 3 full pages in Saturday’s Straits Time. On a whole, it looks exciting for Singapore as we can expect more International Class Acts performing here. Oh well, I’m not complaining but just hope that they have special concession for its citizens ;P

Weekend Edition: Wild Singapore


 Hey, the weekend is here again. Don’t let it slip before doing something meaning and interesting this weekend. There are quite a number of lesser known and interesting places to visit here in Singapore. These places are suitable for family outings without burning a hole in your pocket. Check out this website WILD SINGAPORE for all the options available. You have a GREAT WEEKEND.  

Best Muffin In Singapore


I am not a big fan of muffin, I don’t go out of my way just to buy muffin & a muffin is a muffin.

Not until I tried this thing from Chocolate N’ Spice! The very first time I tried this thingy was at a showflat at Sentosa Cove last year. A friend bought and it was AWESOME! Really never never expected a muffin to be so addictive! This texture and taste was just awesome! Ipretty much like all the flavours but I have a soft spot for Chocolate & Banana.

Anyway, words cannot discribe how good it taste. You just gotta make your way down and get some and taste it for yourself. ( NO NO….I don’t have a share in this business, although I wish I have).  By the way, if you are the owner reading it….you know what to do la :P Enjoy!

Now here is the address;

Chocolate N’ Spice
Blk 1 #01-18
Tanjong Pagar Plaza
Singapore 082001
Tel: 9276 2110 (I think this number is for placing your order so that you do not get disappointed)

Note: Another Free Advertisement brought to you by :)

Breakfast in Toronto!

The breakfast at Wimpy’s Diner is delicious! I tried it when I were there the last time. The beef in the hamburger is unbelievably huge. They serve a whole slice of beef eyy…not beef patties that you get here in Singapore. Totally awesome!!! Decor of this restaurant is pretty much the 60s with juke box at each table. Serving portion is very generous and the food they serve is simple yet good! I will defintely make another visit on my next trip to toronto.

Gotta show you how the 10 oz hamburger looks like. Nicely grilled and yet juicy!!! (I’m getting hungry, are you?)


OK….I know this blog is supposed to be about living Singapore but why all these English Premier League stuff in here? :P

Of well….at least I try to present the English Premier League from a Singaporean perspective…hehe.

I salute to the brain behind it, Sir Alex Ferguson!