Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore

Mid Autumn Festival is getting bigger and bigger year by year in Singapore. If I am not mistaken, there are 2 major events this year to celebrate this festival. One is held along the Singapore River and the other at the Chinese Garden.

This picture is taken from a friend’s visit to Chinese Garden last week. Heard that this event is still on till end Sept 2007.



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Cheaper Alternative: Mobile Callback Service

I came across this service via a newsletter that i subscribed to and I thought I could share it with my readers…(hello readers, who are you? Leave me a comment ya :)


What is iMax® Mobile Callback Service?

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Tickets to the very First Singapore F1 Night Street Race!

Planning for a big party at the FIRST F1 Night Street Race in Singapore? Get ready! Tickets will be on sale come december 2007. This map should give some ideas as to where you can watch the race from, although not finalised but it should give you some rough ideas. Thr prices for Hotels room around the circuit will not only fully booked but prices will be steep i guess.


DHL Balloon coming to an end?

I read on the papers that the DHL Balloon aka “You Can Fly2” MAY close come 31st December 2007. Well…in my mind I was thinking, “Is this another marketing tactic” ? :P Anyway, be it closing or not, i heard that the view is magnificent from the top. Personally I have not been up there but have seen some pictures posted on the internet and I really have to agree that the view is breathtaking, at least until the Singapore Flyer is completed :)

Take a look at the view from the top…

by the way…check out http://www.ucanfly.com.sg for details.