Free Bible on your Symbian S60 Phone (updated)

If you are using a Symbian S60 phone, you can download the Bible Reader and ASV(American Std Version) Bible on your phone totally free. Other version are also available and you can purchase it from

For simplicity reason and in case you are facing “Certificate Expired” problem during installation, go download this Bible Reader version, V3.68 Build 199. Once this is downloaded and installed, you proceed to download and install the ASV Bible. All available HERE.

Screenshot of the Bible Reader + ASV Bible


18 thoughts on “Free Bible on your Symbian S60 Phone (updated)

  1. Hi,

    I still had a problem with the certificate even while installing the recent patch Version 3.69 Build 270 so I reverted my phone’s date to Jan 01 2008 and this worked.. I also had to change a setting in my Installations>App Manager> Options> Settings> Software Installation to ALL. This worked for me.

  2. Hi willg,

    Yes….that is one important step i forget to mention.

    Installations>App Manager> Options> Settings> Software Installation to ALL.

    Thanks for highlighting this.

  3. I’ve got message stating “Expired Certificate”
    Using E71 with Software Installation “All” and Online Certification Check “Off”
    Somebody please help..

  4. i’ve tried ur suggestions but still get the expired ticket prob. Delete and re-install a couple of times too… :(


  5. hi pea,
    I’m sorry to hear that.
    Tell you wat…i deleted my installation.
    I will re-install and let you know if I can over come this again!
    Stay Tuned! ;)

  6. hey pea,
    I tried and it works for me :).

    Take note of these instructions:

    Note: If you receive a certificate error during the installation, check the following settings on your phone, modify to match the settings below, and then try the installation once more. Your particular phone may have these settings in a different location.

    Tools > Application Manager > Application Downloads (select options) > Settings

    Make sure Software Installation is set to All and Online Certificate Check is set to Off

    Tools > Application Manager > Configuration > Software Installation

    Change this setting to All (not signed only)

  7. Hey hey david! Thanks but it still didn’t work for me. Sigh… not sure what’s the prob. Did all that you instructed me to. Maybe it is the version of firmware I have that is causing the bug?


  8. Hey pea…why don’t you upgrade your firmware?
    I am running on firmware 210.21.006 (dated 02-02-2009) RM-346.
    Works wonderfully well for me. If you need further help…just buzz me again!

    Blessings for your phone ;P

  9. question…

    i’ve downloaded the bible reader already for my e71… but there is no bible in the library list. do i have to do something else? i have the reader but no bible to look at….


  10. Thank u so much! I’m really grateful. I’ve combed d whole internet lookin for a bible without success until u came along. God bless u greatly.

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