The Pier Condominium at Robertson Quay, Singapore

The Pier Condominium at Robertson Quay

Developer: City Development
Tenure: Freehold
TOP: 2006
More details on The Pier can be found at


Dear Friends,

A friend of mine, Jan Shim from Brunei is putting up an appeal for your generous donation towards helping a fellow countryman in need.

The full story can be found here

I can be contacted to testify that this is a real story if required. Please send me at email at

I trust that your contribution; big or small will make a difference in someone’s precious life!

Thank you.

David Ho


Real Estate in Singapore

Quarter to Quarter…property has been rising and it certainly looks bullish. Wait a minute….are we crashing soon? Will the government step in with new measures to curb the growth? Well…i say not likely…at least not with drastic measures in the near future.

Let me run you through…

2008 – F1 Night Rally (First in the World)

2009 – First Integrated Resort – The Sands will be ready!

2010 – Second Integrated Resort/Theme Park at Sentosa will be ready!

2011 – Election? every 5 years? hmmm…

Well….to me it all only point to ONE direction! Boom Town!

You make your call and DON’T miss the bus…coz if you miss this I hope that you would be young enuff for the next Boom!

What to invest in and what property to buy ? Drop me a note ;P

Good Luck & Make more money my friends!!!