Best Muffin In Singapore


I am not a big fan of muffin, I don’t go out of my way just to buy muffin & a muffin is a muffin.

Not until I tried this thing from Chocolate N’ Spice! The very first time I tried this thingy was at a showflat at Sentosa Cove last year. A friend bought and it was AWESOME! Really never never expected a muffin to be so addictive! This texture and taste was just awesome! Ipretty much like all the flavours but I have a soft spot for Chocolate & Banana.

Anyway, words cannot discribe how good it taste. You just gotta make your way down and get some and taste it for yourself. ( NO NO….I don’t have a share in this business, although I wish I have).  By the way, if you are the owner reading it….you know what to do la :P Enjoy!

Now here is the address;

Chocolate N’ Spice
Blk 1 #01-18
Tanjong Pagar Plaza
Singapore 082001
Tel: 9276 2110 (I think this number is for placing your order so that you do not get disappointed)

Note: Another Free Advertisement brought to you by :)


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