F1 Race coming to Singapore in 2008!

Its official, Formula One is coming to Singapore in October 2008! According to the media, it will be held at night. The very first night race in the world.


6 thoughts on “F1 Race coming to Singapore in 2008!

  1. Yes, Singapore’s first F1 race promises to be an exciting night race. And there are cheers from every corner of the city-state. Everywhere I turn, everyone’s excited about the news…

    I do however, think that there’s no point to zoom into conclusion that it is a success from a sporting standpoint because safety is the biggest issue with night F1 racing. I don’t want to see my favorite driver lose his life just for a night spectacle.

    It’s difficult enough to keep up with the 22 drivers on a racing track in mid day… let alone with floodlights? Identifying helmets at 300km/h isn’t exactly easy, even in the grandstands.

    Two-time world champion, Fernando Alonso, didn’t believe floodlights will ever be enough to make night racing safe after the McLaren F1 car launch on the streets of Valencia and a night demonstration, so why isn’t anybody listening? Must we have another Ayrton Senna-style death before we put safety back into the priority instead of looking for a novel way to make more money?

    Get excited with the prospect of the first Singapore GP, but I mourn the arrival of night racing, as an F1 purist and enthusiast.


  2. hi marlene,

    Tickets to F1 race in Singapore will be sold to the public sometime in Mid Dec 2007.

    During the actual race day, tickets will cost around S$100.

    And for the exclusive paddock area, tickets will cost a whopping S$6,000 to S$7,000 each.

    However, these are just indicative and details will be announce soon.

    Hope you are amongst the first to get it :D

  3. A night race in Singapore… I like the idea, it will ceratainly give the drivers a new atmosphere while racing each other. The only problem… It will be darker than the usual. So… expect more accidents and mistakes to hapen…

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