Enterprise 2.0

Been looking at Web 2.0 and exploring the possibilities with Web 2.0 and how is this going to affect the way business is done today.

Then I search and found this interesting Slideshow that explains how Web 2.0 is part of a bigger picture for Enterprise 2.0 and how people are working based on this model using tools that are available today. Take a look let me know what you think about this.


Cheaper Alternative: Mobile Callback Service

I came across this service via a newsletter that i subscribed to and I thought I could share it with my readers…(hello readers, who are you? Leave me a comment ya :)


What is iMax® Mobile Callback Service?

iMax® is a new a cost saving alternative for local or international calls. Local calls to fixed or mobile lines are charged at an all day flat rate of 5.5 cents per minute compared to the 20 cents you are currently paying.
With iMax® Mobile Callback service, users can enjoy great savings of up to 90% for local and international calls. Our services are compatible with both iMax® 188 Mobile or any regular mobile phones. No registration fee is required and monthly billing is only chargeable when service is used.

Find out More here iMax