NEW Ford Mondeo 2008

Ford Mondeo 2008


26 thoughts on “NEW Ford Mondeo 2008

  1. Fantastican automobil.Izgleda predivno.Bas bi mi lepo legao.Zna li neko kolika mu je cena?
    Fantastic car,beautiful.

  2. here in the US its a ford focus.. a small non reliable car, its for old people that drive slow… the focus was all the hype when it first came out.. now the selling price of is has definately gone down.

  3. Vlbulli you are a typical american… the focus is another model, if you think they are the same car dont waste your money on a car you might mistake it for a bike.

    Modeo… awesome car!

  4. Ford Focus is a reliable car. I have been driving it for 7 years now and I did not encounter any major problems with it.

  5. Oh, how I wish Ford would dump the Fusion and Taurus and bring this car to the US. It would kill the Accord and (ugly) Camry.

  6. What is wrong with Ford, this car is way hotter than Camry of Accord, dump the focus and fusion and bring this over here.
    The Flex? that’s what they came up with .

  7. I am the EXTREMELY proud owner of a 2004 Ford Mondeo 2lt Ghia. Colour Metalic Charcoal. Km just under 100,000 next service due now. I was in the motor trade worked for a Ford Dealer in Klerksdorp South Africa for three years, sold a lot of Ford and Mazda Models BUT never have I sold, Owned or driven a Car anything like the Mondeo.
    Consumption unbeleivable up to 15 km per liter on open road and average 12km per lt town driving I WANT THE NEW MONDWEO— HOW CAN THIS BE DONE IN RSA ??????

  8. Hey alwyn, perhaps you should write to your local Ford Dealer and express your interest to buy one :) Good Luck! Well seems like everyone is falling in love with this new Mondeo.

  9. My sister owns a 2003 imported Mondeo. Its a sweet car but right nows we are trying to figure out the reason its misfiring. A new petrol pump was fitted afer it would fail and stop in traffic. The Mondeo is such a sweet car. If only we could eliminte this small problem.

  10. Hi Kwashirai,
    I don’t know about Mondeo but I do enjoy my Focus for the past 7 years. Its a reliable car I must say. Hope your sister has it fixed soon :)

  11. Hey Tony,
    Where are you from? ….ya…it is pretty rare on the Singapore Road too. Well to begin with….this isn’t a cheap car here. With this price tag, there are many choices available. However, I believe that this is one great car to drive around :)

  12. I purchased this car. It has 6000KM on the clock and has been back to the dealer 3 times.
    1. Blue tooth does not work.
    2. Air conditioner does not work when the car is not moving (major issue in a traffic jam)
    3. The car has gone into lock down mode twice where you can not drive it over 40KM/h. The car has been towed twice for this reason.

    Car looks great. But please do not buy it.

  13. Hi Frustrated Customer…sound to me someone has done something to the car before you bought it.
    My experience with Ford has been good.

    *i do not work for Ford :)

    Get a good mechanic and do regular maintenance and that will save you from a lot of unnecessary down time without the car. I drop a Ford for 8 years without any problem :)

  14. My first car with my own salary, n clocked 67K in 13 months… Only problem i face is Fines from Speeding… handles great even at 200+ …

    I live in Dubai.. Hot or Cold… The car’s Magic.. My dad had the prev mondeo ( 2005 ) ,, but it can barely match this one’s extravagance. Sun roof n all, better than a 320i ( I also test drove that ) but jumped back to my Fire Bird!

  15. Hmmm…. my ford focus which i previoulsy owned unfortunately gave me a lot of problems. First the rubber skirting on the wind screen melted and rain water seeped through during the wet season. A puddle of water was found on the floor of the passenger seat. Next suspension was faulty and thereafter, something called alternator was spoiled. The car just can’t go beyond the third gear and after a while, began to crawl on the road. And the final straw, the auto window gave way and cost $500 to fix it back. So somehow, my first experience with ford car wasnt good.

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