Identity Theft…

Be really careful of identity theft! A friend brought up a good point 2 days ago while we were taking about Facebook popularity. He said, ” what makes you think that the picture you see on facebook and the person you know is the same person that created the profile with the same picture and name?”  He brought up a valid point and keeps me thinking.

Many of us would have taken it for granted that what we see is what we get…unfortunately that is not the case. According to this friend, let’s call him Skeptic. He has a friend whom were shocked to find that he has more then one profile on facebook which was not created by him. And in this profile that he did not create, he could see some of his friends in there and some of whom are his close friends. Imagine this fake profile owner starts gathering identity and information about him from his close friends. This sounds kinda spooky…think about it. Identity theft is not something that should be taken lightly.

So….are you revealing yourself too much on the net? What is your exposure?


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