a reflection on good friday…

Got an SMS (Short Message Service) on my mobile yesterday from a friend of mine telling me that someone we know passed on due to Cancer. Whenever I hear of such news , it really drives me again to the point where I ask myself…What is the purpose on my life here on earth ? Do you?

And everything this happens, someone will tell me, LIFE IS SHORT! To me,  Life is not measured by the length of time but by what you do with the time you are give. I am not sure if you agree…but at least this is how i sees it.

So wake up today and smell the roses! start to appreciate and love the people around you (doesn’t matter if they are lovable to you now). Someday when you realised that they are….they will probably be not around you anymore.

I am thankful for all the people around me. Be it nice or nasty people…they shape my life in some ways or others. I also remembered a friend telling me…I don’t want to live a boring life! Good or Bad Life…it is still better then living a boring life! Then i begin to understand that it is the experience we go through that shape us….not our ideals!

Are you thankful for the people in your life? What are you going today that makes a difference in your life and others?


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