Ford Focus 2009 Model

What if this is really the Ford Focus 2009 model? Will you upgrade? at what price are you willing to pay for this car?




8 thoughts on “Ford Focus 2009 Model

  1. This car is not a new concept. Its is a Pre Facelift of the present Focus. Only a photo.

  2. Greta design, superb looks. The best designed Ford in years…….This could become my next car. VW/Golf and Opel/Astra will certainly become afraid when seeing this new Focus.

  3. I’m rey. I am planning to start a goat farm. Anyone can help me and in case, can offer a good quality goat at an affordable price.

  4. Well done!!! I am CEO for Evolution Diet Pet Food and National Health Consulting Service. We run what many consider to be the most environmentally and scientifically advanced pet products and healthcare co. in the world. I think the 4 door and 5 door design Focus are very exciting to look at. I am very interested in purchasing a new Focus and look forward to seeing them on the showroom floor. Focus is certainly a World Class Appearing Car and I am sure that if it by following in the new Fiesta Foot Steps for N. America it will be a huge hit. I like the added grip and zip of the big alloy wheels. Our family are strict vegetarians and this type of car is very consistant with our ideology of improving the planet for both human and non-human animals. I am sure this new Focus will get between 37 and 40 MPG. Now I am hoping that Ford has the good sense to promote this car line as part of an answer to global warming and improved fuel economy. Perhaps Ford will come out with a smaller turbo version, clean deisel or hybrid version that gets better fuel economy yet. Good going Ford. We have several Fords in our family and we look forward to this new addition. We do not like your gas guzzling trucks, but we definitly like Mustangs and your eco-cars.

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