10th Day of Christmas!



I bought the SINGAPORE EDITION of Marie Digby’s Album, Unfold. The last time I saw this in a CD Shop at Suntec City, they were selling it for S$19/- 

However, when I was at Jurong Point yesterday, I saw this Singapore Edition and it was selling for only S$11.90 so I asked the sales person what is the difference and was told that this album does not come with lyrics. I was like hey…doesn’t matter, I can easily download from the internet if i ever need it (not that I can sing ;)

All that I can say is….Lovely Album and Go get it!

Well…as you might think why buy the album when you can  easily download it from the Internet. Well i guess by downloading from the Internet, we will eventually kill the industry and people who spent time making such beautiful songs will ultimately find it worth doing anymore. So I think it is time to PIRACY and support these artest. CD prices now are affordable and reasonable…c’mon, give it a thought next time before you download those music.

Sample here SONGS HERE.


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