Boxing Day


clipboard02Boxing Day : The day after Christmas Day on the 26th of Dec ! To simply put it…its means to get rid of all boxes in the house after unwrapping Christmas gifts (assuming all gifts comes in boxes).  It is also a public holiday in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain & USA. Many associate this day with MEGA SALES. I remembered one year when I was in toronto, canada. I was so excited and we woke up really early and toke a drive down to Future Shop. The queue was unbelievably long….people were like queuing under extreme weather. It was snowing and the wind was blowing real hard and despite  that, people are still eagerly waiting for the shop to open and rush in for a good deal. I must say the prices were pretty attractive, discount were as much as 50% off regular price…simple amazing!

For some reason, local retailers here in Singapore have not catch on to this yet. My thought was that as long as it makes money….retailers will be keen to try anything especially in times like this where the economy is expected to head south come 2009. As for me personally….the isn’t much “Boxing” to do this year anyway. This is a year where I can truly focus on the greatest gift to mankind, Jesus. The “truest” meaning of Christmas! If you are one of those lucky ones with lotsa boxes to clear, May i wish you A HAPPY BOXING DAY!

Add-on: I was told that malls in toronto were opened 24 hours, 3 days prior to Christmas Day. Something like this never happened before…people never work so hard before! Looks like retailers are finding it really challenging this year.

What is boxing day like in your country? Leave a message and tell us about it!

p/s: if you have pictures to share…do let me know. I’ll be glad it to post it here to share :) Cheers!


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