The Story of Mike Guglielmucci

Mike Gugliemucci, the man behind the  powerful song, Healer.

Let’s pray thank God for his healing and proclaim that NO Weapon formed against God’s people will prosper.


8 thoughts on “The Story of Mike Guglielmucci

  1. Hi mike,

    i am a married young woman in canada and am 25 years old, i saw the video of healer yesterday in church and i couldn’t stop crying and praying to God our father in heaven for you, today monday i’ve been praying you for you the whole day.

    I just want for God to heal you or else i can’t handle anything else, i feel it my duty to pray for you and i jsut can’t miss a minute because i think i am wasting time.

    Mike you are not going anywhere for a vry long time, you are going to grow up and have children and grand children and you’ll see them grow.

    I have quoted every healling verse i know to God for you and i’ve prayed in hte name of Jesus and therefore God has to heal you.

    God loves you!!

  2. Hi Fisyani, thanks for leaving a comment. Ya..let’s continue to pray for Mike and proclaim healing to be upon him as Jesus has paid for ALL our sickness and diseases at the cross! BY HIS STRIPES, WE ARE HEALED! Amen!

  3. hey guys,

    listen I just thought I’d post here because I’m sure there will be alot of people going through sites like these in the comiing weeks. Mike was a big part of the Reason I’ve chosen to follow Christ. When you think Mike Gugliemucci you think passion. I found out about his ilness last year at planet shakers youth conference in Australia and prayed for him and was very angry at the devil.

    I sustained a Repetative strain injury at work and lost my job. I drove home from there in tears and siinging mike O praise him song.

    As it turns out, Mike fabricated his whole story, I thought the days of Mike warnke were over.
    This is gonna damage the Christian Church severly. Mike story inspired millions and he led many to Christ.

    I think we all need to do some prayer for damage control, satin is gonna have a field day with this, we need to combat him.


  4. Regardless of what Mike has done, Jesus is still real, He is still our healer, because that’s what the bible says, and ultimately he is and should be the foundation of our faith. Not a man and his illness.

    I know what he did was wrong, but he actually is a very sick man, who does need the power of God to help him and the Grace that Jesus preached in the Gospels was for him too. People will be rocked by this, but lets continue to pray for his family and the families and youth that could be affected by this, that they wont get bitter and turn away from an amazing God, who is a God of Love, Grace and Mercy and who is our emotional and physical healer. His Word is still the truth, and Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it”

    The bible says that all things work together for good for those who love God. Lets pray that in this bad situation that God will use it to strengthen peoples faith in Jesus.

    If there faith was built on Mike Gugliemucci, yes they will be rocked, and may walk away, but if it is on Jesus, they may be shaken, but they wont fall away, they will get stronger in Christ and realise that we all fall short of the glory of God and all are in need of The Cross and what it stands for ( forgiveness ).

  5. Don’t forget Discernment!
    Oh my cry is that the body of Christ will open their eyes and walk in the spirit of discernment… without it we see will more of the bazaar –
    How about repenting of what this has done to name of our precious Lord Jesus Christ!

    We need revelation on what and what is the purpose of real ‘Anointing’ …

    Watch and see the true church arise armed with the Word (Truth) & clothed in the Spirit !!!

    Bring it on!

  6. Hi Karen,
    Well Said…and I think you are right. Everything work together for good for those who love God. Give God a lemon, he will make it into Lemonade!

    I think we should always keep our eyes on Jesus. Man will disappoint you…but not God.

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