The Six Day War, 1967, Israel

How did Israel being a small nation overrun their enemies (Egypt, Jordan & Syria) with a larger and more superior armed forces combined during The Six Day War in 1967 ? Answers is the video. Pay attention and you can draw a wealth of experiences from it. The war started on 0745 hr, 5th June, 1967.


One thought on “The Six Day War, 1967, Israel

  1. Israel won the 1967 but was defeated in 1973 Yom Kippur War. I was in Israel then. Golda Meir went on TV pleading with the world to help.. the Egyptians overran the “formidable” Barlev Line and the Syrians liberated the Golan Heights – briefly. After the “Golda Meir show” was on air, immediately (or maybe it was planned) an “air-bridge” was established between the U.S. and Israel. Had it not been for the U.S. support in air power, aid and weapons, Israel would have been reduced in size as the north would have been cut-off from Israel.

    Regardless, Israel later got defeated again and this time humiliated by Hizbollah.. not a country.. but a small army of resistance that destroyed the Israeli myth… and until this day, Israel still seeks “revenge.”

    I wonder if they will be beaten up badly… again!


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