A Day at Palawan Beach, Sentosa

Our Deepavali (Diwali) public holiday was spent at the beach today. After days of rain…the weather was pretty good today and we decided to pack our bags and head to Sentosa with our new toys.  At Sentosa, we saw  a lot of Indian foreign workers, and it seems that they are celebrating deepavali with their friends at the beach. I can imagine how much they must have missed home during a special festival like this for a hindu miles away from home.

I guess we did not know what to expect from the Sand Castle Kit we bought a few weeks back. We have not put it to the test despite seeing beautiful sand castle being made by the people who sells it. At the back of my mind, I know that it is not the tools that makes beautiful sand castle, it is the people that uses the tools.

Anyway, the challenge is for us to make good use and practice as we build, like the saying goes ” Rome wasn’t built In a Day”. Behind all perfections and successes you probably find someone who has sweat and toiled before he is where he is today.

Oh well….let’s take a look at what we have achieved on our very first attempt.

img_8177.jpg img_8176.jpg


img_8170.jpg img_8173.jpg

img_8193.jpg img_8169.jpg

Oh yes….and the person behind all these is….



5 thoughts on “A Day at Palawan Beach, Sentosa

  1. Enemy cannot be seen by bare eyes today. Nowadays Missiles can fire kilometers away without seeing the enemy and i personally think they should not be called MISSiles anymore :P

  2. Hi IngSiang,
    Yeh…head down to Castle Beach (East Coast Hawker Centre) and get one. They are there every saturday/sunday if i am not mistaken.

    The soldiers pack has to be bought separately however i think they have a special offer when we bought it and they throw it in :)

    Enjoy and look forward to see your Castle Soon!

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