Fish Farms in Singapore


This is a little known fact even among Singaporeans. Singapore is one of the World’s largest Ornamental Fish Exporter…oh WOW…said many. Yes make a trip down to one of our home grown Fish Farm, Qian Hu and you will know what I mean. Fish farms are situated in the North Western Part of Singapore. To be exact, they are found around Kranji/Lim Chu Kang Area.

Most of these farms are open to the public daily during office hours. For more info on visiting these farms do check out Visit Singapore.


2 thoughts on “Fish Farms in Singapore

  1. i don’t know the business talks , but i think the branches outlet need decoration for tacking the customers. i had seen some outlets are messy.
    the shop should be looked attractive & warmth.

  2. Hi Yoke May,
    i agree with you with regards to the decor. I am sure the experience can be enhanced if they beautify the place. However, the question is are we willing to pay an entrance fee? Coz even I myself hardly spend any money when I was there because I do not own an aquarium at home. So if I am Qian Hu, will I spend say $100K on reno?

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