Gambling Vs Investing!!! Do you know the odds?


I came across this very interesting site that talks about the odds in gambling Vs. investing in the Singapore Context.Take a look here CLICK
I never never like gambling and maybe thats why i lose money whenever I gamble during each Chinese New Year!Then again, on hind side, I’m glad I never like gambling! I can’t imagine myself giving away hard earned money.

I pick up this line from the website above that says;
“Making a living from gambling is easy — if you are a casino.”

Now you know why we are going to have 2 Casinos soon and many more to come!!!

4 thoughts on “Gambling Vs Investing!!! Do you know the odds?

  1. Hey Richie,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    How the Real Eatate business in S Florida?
    Well the recent US sub prime mortagage market crisis has triggered the local stock to dive south and indirectly affecting the overall business in Real Eatate. However, the dust has settled and looking forward to a strong comeback very soon.

    You have a good one!


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