Something a Bruneian can’t resist

Oyster Omelette


This is a dish my dear friend Jan Shim fell in love with during his recent trip to Singapore! Why??? You gotta ask him to discribe the taste to you personally and why he keeps thinking about day and night :P Find him at

By the way, this is from the same stall he had when he was here. Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay


One thought on “Something a Bruneian can’t resist

  1. Seriously David, it’s just my way of saying I had a good host that night of my short stay in Singapore. Besides the delicious oyster omelette, eating the unique BBQ chicken wings over Charcoal with chicken rice chilli was something an eye opener for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The name of the place is more than a mouthful, I prefer to remember Oyster Omelette – makes more sense!

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